Our Projects

  1. Achieve Partnership and Empowerment for AMAN HC by International Organizations , MOL, Unions , Social Security and Syndicates.

  2. Creating Awareness materials for the Employee and Employer about their Rights according to Jordanian labor law through strong marketing strategy.

  3. Establish a partnership with MOL to train the inspection team on business ethics , communication and confidentiality , also to consider AMAN HC as Facilitator and / or observer for the complaints received and participate with  MOL team.

  4. Set a Hotline to receive complaints & inquiries and follow the procedures to resolve such cases in a confidential yet transparent manner keeping every stakeholder interest in tact.

  5. Raise the awareness Among organizations on efficient workforce planning process and procedures by giving free sessions in their workplace for the HR and Employers based on Employees Human Rights best practices, and clarify the importance of the Human Capital investment .

  6. Plan for Radio show especially  designed for labors live complains and discussions.

  7. Create an employer  ranking standards system by AMAN mobile APP.

  8. Establish AMAN HC as authorized ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) body upon employer call.

  9. Empower University students through an agreements with the universities on how to write a CV , to be prepared for an interview , their rights according to JLL , also free soft skills trainings as initial preparation for the market.

  10. Working on detecting fake or /and unprofessional Job posts.
  11. Tackle situations of occurrence of violations of equal employment opportunity.

  12. 1.Encourage and support the participation of people with  Disabilities , Orphans , single mothers ,  and retired in our projects.


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