Our Company

AMAN HC initiative founded a group of highly experienced professionals and believers to increase productivity and engagement of the employees.

AMAN Human Capital is a non-profit Organization established in Jan 2017 under the ministry of industry and trade under the national number 200159360. the initiative founded to Increase productivity and engagement of the employees also increase the awareness among private sector on the importance of the implementation of the Jordanian labor law.

We believe that the Human Capital are a strategic partner to any organization! By proper HRMS and well implemented policies and procedure they will add so much value to company capital and increase their engagement, loyalty, stability and productivity.

AMAN HC started by conducting a study on the workplace violations that occur towards employees or interviewees whether from employer, HR or any other party within the Organization, we conducted an assessment and analysis to the situation after gathering data we decided to move on planning for our project.

The main reasons behind the cause of violations are :

  • Absence of Government Authority , controlling and mentoring.
  • Ignorance of employees and employers awareness towards their rights and obligations.

Why we need AMAN HC


Vision, Mission and Values



Build AMAN HC into a leading specialty organization promoting fair labor standards through collaboration with global and local organizations with the purpose of increasing employee engagement and productivity.


We are committed to improving labor standards and workplace wellbeing with the aim of providing the employees and the employers with better access to high level and affordable human capital services.


Equity, Transparency, Excellence and Integrity.

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